• Alex Hummingson

Video: Alex Hummingson on ITV’s “The Nightly Show” with Davina McCall

Thank you, dear ITV and awesomest Nightly Queen Davina McColl for tolerating my slightly embarrassing dating story! Perhaps Adam will call me after all? 🙂 And massive thanks to you and to The Resort Group for those holiday tickets. 

And what an honor to be on the same episode as the fun, smart and talented Melanie C. All 90s ladies should agree with me when I say that the Spice Girls showed us all just how important Girl Power really is!

Last but not least, as many times before, I truly enjoyed wearing my favorite Barbie doll shoe earrings by Dollhouse Republic, a handmade jewelry collection by Alex and Vina founded by Jeanine Romo who also happens to be the Queen of the über cool Le Fashion Truck

ITV, you are total pros.   

With love,