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Dollies was a Swedish music group consisting of Anna Gillkvist, Amanda Forsman Östberg, Astrid Ekström, Alexandra Hummingson, Beatrice Källström, Johanna Granfält, Michaela Birgersson and Susanna Wilhelmsson.

The group formed in 2007 and rose to fame with their live performances of Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” and Niklas Strömstedt’s “Byns Enda Blondin” on Sveriges Television’s Friday family music entertainment show “Dansbandskampen” in 2008.


The group’s singer and band leader Alexandra also featured under the name “Dollies-Alexandra” in other Swedish TV shows such as e.g. Kanal 5’s “Färjan“.

The group parted ways in 2009.


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