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Alex the Presenter

Alex has undertaken several roles as presenter and news anchor for several productions.

A selection of these can be found on this page.

If you are interested in discussing possible presenting or news anchor roles then please email

Live from London

2015 (pilot)

Director: Kikki Strupat, Nick Parry

Independent News


Director: Nick Parry

Full video available upon request

Independent News Still 2.jpg

Lorna's Journey


Production by way we say films © 2020


Lucy, "Minneapolis News" presenter - Alex Hummingson

Morgan Benson, CEO Calmwater - Kathi DeCouto

Director: Matthew Pearce

1st Assistant Director: Joshua Breading


     Matthew Pearce

     Kathi DeCouto

Videography: Corneliu Popovici

Studio: John Allard, Video News Factory

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